Florence from Harney & Sons

Florence Tea from Harney & SonsTea from a friend is one of the greatest gifts in my book!  This is a blend I received from a tea swappin’ buddy a few months ago!

Upon my first sniff I was ‘thinking’ Hazelnut and when I sipped it I was like YEAH, Hazelnut, but the taste is amazingly a malty chocolate.  It kind of surprised me, actually.  Then I read the description for the tea, and…well, duh, that’s because there is chocolate in it!  The nutty and chocolaty couldn’t be blended together more perfectly.

All I can think of is another friend of mine saying how she adores the chocolate and peanut butter combo and would eat it everyday…well, this just might be a close 2nd or a great alternative!  I will have to let her know!

Harney & Sons describes this tea as:

Since we can’t always be sipping hot cocoa while sitting in the Palazzo della Signoria, we can sip this decadent blend of chocolate and hazelnut and dream we are there.

This is a VERY good flavored black.  There have been people searching for a chocolate flavored black.  I suggest giving this one a try – if you don’t mind the hazelnut too!



Chocolate and hazelnut are a very European combo. There is an Italian bread spread – Nutella – that is nothing but. It is wonderful on toast in the am, or pm or midnite or – you get the picture. Now I have another tea on my list – thanks for the review – I love your enthusiasm.


Marlena: I love nutella too! YUM!

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