Flowering Pomegranate from Local Coffee + Tea

Flowering Pomegranate from Local Coffee + TeaAn extremely refreshing tea, Flowering Pomegranate from Local Coffee + Tea combines the juicy flavors of rich red pomegranate and hibiscus with a very high quality Ceylon Green Tea which is rolled up into small pellets which unfurl beautifully in hot water to become full, splendid tea leaves which swim gracefully through the water.

Before I tasted this blend, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, because I’m not a fan of hibiscus, and thought it might be tart – the very description of the teas says that it’s tart – but I tried it anyway and was shockingly pleased to find that while there is a slight tartness, it is insubstantial and only lends a minor edge to the tea which is extremely pleasing alongside the more prominent flavor of the juicy pomegranate.

The result is a very high quality and palate-pleasing tea which is sweet, juicy and refreshing.  Lovely iced as well!

Local Coffee + Tea describes this tea as:

Flowering Pomegranate Loose Leaf Green Tea from Sri Lanka is hibiscus and pomegranate, two flavors made for each other.

Tart, with floral highlights, cleansing and highly refreshing. Teeming with antioxidants. Add to this exotic blend some rosehip chips, natural flavors and lastly a superb Sri Lanka pekoe gunpowder style tea and you have a very cleansing and refreshing tea.

Legend claims the first time these two flavors were blended was on Easter Island. Polynesians sailing the Pacific introduced Hibiscus flowers to the Island, followed by slaves from Peru (around 1870) who arrived with the ruby red fruit called Pomegranate. The natives made use of all the Islands bounty and the blending began.

Please take time to enjoy this tea. After you pour hot water over the leaves, (we suggest water temperature less than 194 degrees F) stop and watch the ballet performance of unfurling leaves slowly sinking to the bottom of your glass teapot. Quite exquisite and we further suggest you steep these potent leaves at least 3 times. Infuse longer each time for more depth of flavor and color from this clever creation combining tart and sweet.

20 to 25 cups of tea can be made from 2 oz of loose leaf tea.

Store in a dry place.

The quality of the green tea leaves is apparent when looking at both the dried and used leaves.  I think the fact that the green tea is of such exceptional quality is really what makes this tea special, and different from similarly flavored teas from other companies.

This tea makes me think of sandy beaches in exotic locations.  Another summertime winner from Local Coffee + Tea!

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