French Breakfast from Golden Moon Tea

French BreakfastWhat a truly delightful black Ceylon tea!   It is a wonderful tea to wake up to.

Just as the description below indicates, this tea possesses a delicate honey flavor to it, giving it a delicious sweetness that is quite unlike most of the black Ceylon teas that I’ve tasted.  Because of this natural sweetness, the tea is quite tasty without adding any sugar, honey or other sweetener, however, should you choose to do so, you will find that it brings the honey-like flavor into stronger focus.

This Ceylon has a little more body and is a little more brisk than I normally would associate with a Ceylon tea, and that bold characteristic provides a very interesting contrast to the honey notes.  There is some astringency to this tea (but certainly not as much as you might find in an English Breakfast tea).  The astringency is cleansing, and rests on the palate in the finish, making it a perfect tea to enjoy along with your breakfast.   There is no bitterness, just a very smooth, slightly sweet flavor that would brilliantly compliment your morning meal.

Golden Moon Tea describes their French Breakfast Tea as

Our French Breakfast is an estate loose leaf tea from the high mountain region of Ceylon. With its long, wiry leaves, it produces a smooth amber cup.

This exquisite Black Tea has a subtle, honey-like flavor, making it perfect for breakfast or with a sweet afternoon pastry.

This is a very high quality Ceylon, and is a perfect choice as a morning or early afternoon tea.  Because it is a fairly strong tea, I probably wouldn’t recommend it for later in the day, unless you’re looking for an assertive pick-me-up.

I first tried this tea without any sweetener at all (I do this with all teas, to see how much natural sweetness they have before adding more and possibly ruining the flavor in the process) and found that it is quite delicious on its own.  However, as I do prefer my breakfast teas a little sweeter (and latte style), I added a small drizzle of agave nectar and a splash of half and half, and both of these additions made for quite a lovely breakfast cuppa.

This tea does produce two full-flavored infusions, and I allowed the second infusion to cool and added a thin slice of lemon.  This made for a perfect, “unflavored” (and unsweetened) iced tea that went perfectly with my lunch.

This is a black tea I’d recommend to anyone.  Toss away that familiar yellow, red, and white box stuffed with teabags filled with tea leaf dust – this is what real tea should taste like!

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WOW…! A French breakfast tea! I’ve heard of English, Irish, even Russian- but FRENCH?! This is a new discovery for me! I think this would be absolutely delicious with either nuttella or cinnamon sugar crepes!=P

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