French Vanilla Tea from Disney Wonderland Tea

French Vanilla Tea from Disney Wonderland TeaOver the summer I went to Disney World and saw that one of their gift shops had this bagged tea sample pack so you know I HAD to buy it.  One of the choices was a French Vanilla Black Tea.  It is a true black looking tea.

The French Vanilla aroma is strong prior to steeping, just starting to steep, and maybe a little bit after steeping a while. The barely-there French Vanilla taste is ok with me as I am not a vanilla freak but if you are looking for boo-koo vanilla this is not it. It’s a fairly strong over all black tea taste with a hint of french vanilla for a bagged tea but it’s really the Disney memories that come through on this tea, isn’t it!? All-in-all, fairly good bagged tea.

I wasn’t really able to find much about this online as far as a description goes.  Everything I found was fairly generic to all of the flavors Disney offered.  I have several other teas from Disney that I will be reviewing soon!

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Pat Canella

Hah! Is there anything that Disney DOESN’T make? Including an apparent decent bagged tea, which I thought was impossible to do.

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