Frutto Bianco Pearls White Tea from Teavana

Frutto Bianco Pearls White Tea from TeavanaThis tea is an experience from start to finish. Yes, I selected this tea because of the allure of the pearl… but when the tin was open at the Teavana shop, I was immediately drawn to the tea for it’s visual beauty and tropical fragrance.  It is easily one of the most gorgeous teas I’ve ever seen:  Large pieces of dried citrus and candied tropical fruit, shaved coconut, and pearls of White Tea leaves.

Teavana describes Frutto Bianco Pearls as…

Tropical fruits effortlessly complement hand-rolled, delicate white tea pearls. A blend of kiwi, coconut and candied tropical fruit bits tempt you to pull up a hammock and sip your cares away!

The flavor is very relaxing, VERY tropical, you feel as though your taste buds are taking an island vacation!  Pineapple is the main flavor, especially in the first infusion, although with the second infusion, the pineapple flavor softens a bit and makes room for the kiwi and papaya.   This tea reminds me of one of those fruit-and-tea blended drinks you might enjoy from a juice bar, and I imagine it would be quite delicious served iced!

The white tea is very delicate, allowing the fruit flavors to take center stage.  Tea purists might not appreciate this, however, in this particular blend, it works.  You want to taste the tropical fruits in this blend, after experiencing the beautiful appearance and aroma of it.  You expect a tea that looks a bit like a tropical fruit salad to taste like one, too… and this tea delivers and even exceeds the expectations of this tea enthusiast!

I recommend brewing the tea at a temperature slightly lower than what is recommended on the package, and brewing it slightly longer.   And don’t forget to watch the white pearls as they unfurl… another part of the lovely “experience” of this tea.



I love teavana and this sounds great to me!


Questo è stato alcune cose interessanti. Grazie per la pubblicazione di esso.


I am so sad Starbucks/Teavana has discontinued this tea. It was an amazing Tea. I have tried just about all the other Teavana white Teas and I can’t find one that makes me as happy. I am looking for a similar Tea has anyone found one?

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