Fusion Breakfast Green & Black from Stash Tea

Fusion Breakfast Green & BlackI was a bit apprehensive about giving this tea a try because Black Teas are my least favourite type of tea. I went for it though because of the Green Tea as well as matcha. I am glad I did! I was very pleasantly surprised. This really is a great tea to have in the morning, particularly after breakfast. I enjoy drinking it the most while I am watching Coronation Street on Sunday mornings.

The aroma of the tea both dry and brewed is more like that of black tea with hints of green tea and matcha. I was expecting that the taste would be the same: black tea as the most prominent flavour with hints of green and matcha. Another surprise! This tea is quite smooth, which is unlike many black teas I have tried.

It is a lovely blend between green and black tea. I can also taste a hint of matcha, especially as an aftertaste on my palate. This gives the tea a slight bit of sweetness, which is nice! The colour, when brewed, is a lovely amber shade. I was expecting it to be a bit darker.

Stash Tea describes this tea as:

Premium green and black teas make this an enjoyable morning tea. With matcha. Indian Assam Black Tea, Indonesian Black Tea, Chinese Green Tea, Japanese Green Tea, African Black Tea, and Japanese Matcha.

Overall, this tea was just full of surprises for me! I was expecting not to enjoy it all that much and it has become one that I have a few times a week now! I steep this tea for about 4 minutes; any longer than that, and I found it a bit too strong for my taste! If you like a strong cup of tea and really enjoy the taste of black tea, definitely steep this one for longer than 4 minutes.

I don’t add anything to this tea when I drink it and with the green tea that is in it, I don’t know how well something like milk would go with it. As for sweeteners, for me the matcha adds enough sweetness for me. If you’re looking for a smooth tea to have with breakfast on a Sunday morning (or any day of the week, for that matter!), give this one a try!

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THis sounds like a great green tea!

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