Genmai-Cha Tea with Matcha from Maeda-en

Genmai-Cha Tea with Matcha from Maeda-enThis is one of my favorite types of Green Tea.  I find the pairing of Genmai-cha green tea and {en:Matcha} to be simply amazing.

I love Genmai-cha green tea – the flavor is so light, sweet, and toasty.  When paired with the bittersweet flavor of Matcha, it becomes a lovely union – the sweet, smooth taste of Matcha provides just enough bitterness to cut through some of the sweeter notes of the Genmai-cha to give it a very balanced taste.

This Genmai-cha tea is malty and possesses a sweet, nutty flavor.  The green tea leaves are Japanese Sen-cha.  The Sen-cha is creamy and rich, which enhances the nutty flavor and offers a buttery background note.

The Matcha adds a little more sweetness and a hint of fresh taste to the cup, as well as adding a little bit of thickness to the appearance and texture of the brewed liquor.  It pays in deliciousness to keep swirling the tea in your cup to keep the Matcha powder incorporated in the liquid!

Maeda-en describes this blend as

Genmai-cha was invented in Kyoto in the 1920’s and become popular once a Cha-sho (Tea Dealer) in Osaka modified the tea to its modern method of mixing roasted brown rice. Often referred to as popcorn tea, Genmai-cha exhibits a malty, nutty flavor profile.

Maeda-en’s Blender’s Genmai-cha is made of Sen-cha leaves and a mixture of roasted & popped brown rice, which is then tossed in Matcha. This extra savory, extra delicious tea is a treat in itself.

While I must admit that I prefer Genmai-cha hot, it does make for a uniquely savory iced tea that is an absolute delight to drink.  I love it with a thin slice of lemon.  Delicious!

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