Ginger Bread Cookie from Teavana

gingerbread cookie teavanaI like caffeine-free herbal teas that I can drink late at night. Knowing this, a friend sent me a gift of some of this herbal blend. Before he sent it to me, he took it out of the Teavana bag and put it into a container with a clear cover, so I could see the tea right away – and what a fun blend it is to look at! From the cinnamon sticks to the pieces of popcorn (of all things!), every bit in here is attractive. One could easily munch on much of this as a snack rather than brewing it, and in fact, after brewing some of it, I have picked bits of the candied fruit back out of the infuser and eaten them.

Teavana says about this tea:

This tea is an herbal blend that consists of apple bits, candied pineapple, candied papaya, cinnamon sticks, beetroot bits, roasted almonds, popcorn, raisins, peanut bits and coconut chips. (Product contains nuts!)

Some of you are going to read that closely and go “Wait a minute, beetroot?” – don’t worry, it’s there mainly to add a dark red color to the tea; it does not taste like cooked beets. (Not that I have anything against beets – I love them, but I know there are many people out there who are emphatically not beet fans.)

The apple and nut flavors predominate, but the whole blend also creates within the mixture notes of some ingredients that aren’t even there – a slight bit of a malted grain taste, for example. The numerous pieces of candied fruit make this tea naturally sweet – no need to add sugar or other sweetener, although if you do add sugar, it brings the fruit flavors a little bit more forward over the nutty flavors.  You could add milk to this – almond milk or one of the other vegetable/grain-based “milks” would particularly complement the nut flavors.  I also enjoyed it as an iced tea, where sugar and a cherry dropped into it made for a very sweet summer drink – an unusual summer punch, not totally fruit-based as most are.

In short, fun to look at, fun to sniff, fun to nibble, and fun to drink.



Hey Kelly –
Very glad you liked it; I had a feeling you would when I saw what it looked like. Both V & I are relieved to know that our visit to the Mall of America wasn’t a complete waste of time >:)

Valerie Peli

Sounds fascinating! Never heard of such a unique tea.

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