Ginger Green from Hampstead Tea

Ginger Green from Hampstead TeaI confess I love Hampstead’s teas.  Their loose teas are packaged in beautiful teas which are packed so full of tea that you have to actually have to pinch and wiggle the tea protected in cellophane out of the tin when you first open it.  And their bagged teas are actually quite fabulous also in a variety of colors that complement the flavor of the tea.  I’m going to be honest with you, their plain black Darjeeling individual bags packaging is just plain sexy.

This tea, their Ginger Green, is available in both loose leaf and in bagged, however for this particular review, I’m reviewing the bagged version, which comes in a beautiful olive green colored individually sealed packet.

The reason I chose this particular tea is because my stomach feels a bit off right now, and ginger with Green Tea is a great combination to aid digestion and soothe your tummy.  This tea can be enjoyed plain without any sweetener, although I’m fond of sugar so I added a touch of {en:turbinado} sugar.  I would not recommend using milk with this tea.

Hampstead Tea describes this tea as:

Ginger’s ability to improve the immune system and circulation combines with the antioxidant qualities of green tea producing a potent, fresh brew to be enjoyed any time of the day.

Ingredients: Fairtrade green tea, Fairtrade root ginger

I love that their ingredients are Fair Trade.  Even though this is a very simple combination, including only green tea and ginger, it still has a remarkable soothing flavor.  The fragrance is extremely light with a general green tea aroma.  The flavor is a very grassy, vegetative green tea – although Hampstead Tea does not indicate what particular variety of green tea they use in this blend, if I had to guess it was either a Sencha or Bancha – and the inclusion of ginger root is not sharp, but blends well with the green tea and is more of a subtle heat to the brew than a strong ginger, which is good because instead of overwhelming the green tea, the ginger complements it.   A great green tea blend from Hampstead Tea!

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