Ginger Peach Tea from The Boston Tea Company

Boston Tea Company 12-tea assortmentI love the combination of ginger and peach. I’ve reviewed others before, and I’ll review more in the future, undoubtedly. I don’t seem to get tired of them! This particular one is a Black Tea blend, with a fairly strong peach flavor and a milder ginger note.

I got this as part of a gift package – see more about that below – of 12 teas from this company. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but the several I’ve tried have all been tasty. Not extraordinary, mind you, but tasty – and one can find them reasonably priced, too (especially as I write this, when many gift packs of food and beverages are on sale just after Christmas).

Boston Tea Company does not have descriptions of the individual teas in their multi-box gift packs on their web site. On the box, it says this:

Ingredients: Premium Chinese & Indian black teas, ginger & peach flavors.

The assortment I got has 12 boxes of 8 bags of tea each – yes, it’s bagged tea. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we don’t discriminate here – while one doesn’t often find a bagged tea as good as the best loose leaf teas, there are many pleasant and drinkable bagged teas out there, and we will give anything a fair try!

In this case, the eight tagless bags are inside one metallic plastic wrapper, inside the box, so after it’s been opened, you’ll either have to use the bags fairly soon, or toss them in something airtight to preserve the flavor and keep them from going stale.

Bentley Tea GingerPeachBoston Tea Company has a variety of gift packs, and you may have to hunt for one that contains an assortment you like.  I note that on their web site, many of the assorted teas come with one logo and graphic as Boston Tea Company, and the apparently identical assortment of teas, in identical boxes, with a slightly different logo and graphic as Bentley Tea. So you might try looking for Bentley (see picture at right) as well – I’ve seen Bentley teas in gourmet food shops (during a visit to Colonial Williamsburg, for example). Since the company, despite its name, is located in Hackensack, NJ (and is no relation, as far as I can tell, to Boston Tea Campaign , whose excellent Darjeelings we have reviewed before), one is more likely to find them in stores in the mid-Atlantic area; otherwise, try the web site.



I got something like this for Christmas as well! Mine was Bentley’s Teas and I can’t say I was impressed. I found them to be…. grainy. Weird, right?


The difference could be different water quality in our locations that makes for a different interaction, or different brewing methods, or yours might have been an older batch and be stale – some of these gift things sit around warehouses for a year! – don’t give up on them entirely because one batch wasn’t so hot. You’ll see reviews of half a dozen more of these teas in the next few weeks – and you won’t see reviews of some of the others, because I wasn’t crazy about every single flavor!

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