Ginger Peach White from Tea For All Reasons

Organic Peach Ginger White Tea from Tea For All Reasons

To me, White Teas usually aren’t very flavorful.  They have a flavor, sure…just not much of one.   White teas by nature are very light, subtle teas.  This white tea however, while it may be light, certainly isn’t lacking in flavor!

The aroma of this tea is what grabs your attention first.  Before brewing, the leaves (which are also visually lovely) smell absolutely gorgeous.  The scent of ripe peaches blend with a slight musky, earthy scent of ginger to make a fragrant bouquet of fruit and spice.

Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy describes this tea as:

Transport yourself to a fragrant orchard in mid-summer with this sweet blend of mouth-watering peach and rare white tea. White is the healthiest of all teas and is picked only one or two days a year.

The flavor, as well as the fragrance when brewed, is incredible.  I like that the tea was not focused on solely the peach, rather it equally layers the flavors of white tea, ginger, and a hint of really beautiful peach.  In fact the brewed fragrance is somewhat hard to describe as I’ve never smelled anything like it before…but they should definitely make it into a body spray!  I love the taste of this tea, especially for the fact that you can still actually taste the gorgeous white tea leaves, even with the flavors of ginger and peach, which aren’t overpowering at all, but silky smooth.

What was especially amazing to me was that as a white tea, it had no bitterness or sharpness to it, even when over-steeped (I’m not sure what the recommended steeping time of this tea is, but I left the bag in my cup for the entire time it took me to write this review and not once did it get bitter!).   This Organic Tea is a summertime favorite of mine!

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Oh – I love white teas, and I love ginger – and peach sounds like the perfect compliment! I am definately going to have try this one!!!!

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