Gingerbread Black Tea by Simpson & Vail Inc.

When we think of the Christmas season, we are of course reminded of all the delicious treats that are served this time of year.  Simpson & Vail have put together this Black Tea blend that, as the name suggests, fits right into the holiday season with a favourite of many people: gingerbread! You can now indulge in the spiciness we have come to associate with gingerbread cookies but without all those added calories.

I thought this was quite a nice tea to look at – black tea leaves blended with bits of cinnamon, cloves and ginger. The aroma upon opening the package is spicy and exactly what you would expect with a gingerbread tea blend. The aroma is not over powering at all but what I would describe as pleasant.

Simpson & Vail have described this tea as follows:

When the weather turns chillier and the days are growing ever shorter, the smell of fresh baking gingerbread is just what you need to feel cozy and content. Winter is a great time. A time to snuggle in with good books, a time to enjoy the slopes or the skating rink, and a time to delight your senses with aromatic spicy goodies

Warm yourself from the inside out with this aromatic black tea blend. The brewed tea emits a heady, spicy aroma and the cup is perfectly proportioned. The flavors of gingerbread spices dance on your tongue, with no one spice overwhelming the others. Destined to be a spice lovers new favorite tea!

I most definitely agree that this tea is aromatic!  As I mentioned earlier, it is quite a pleasant, spicy scent without being overwhelming and it does remind me very much of spicy holiday cookies and other goodies. As someone who does love a good spicy tea, this is one I certainly did enjoy!

The taste is subtle and not overpowering at all. The black tea flavour balances well with the various spices and makes for a wonderful cup of tea. The addition of a tiny but of coconut sugar brought out the flavours of this tea although it is still quite pleasant to sip without the addition of a sweetener.

This is a great tea to share with your guests, to sip while doing some holiday baking or simply relaxing while reading a good book. It will warm you on a chilly winter afternoon and would be great to take along with you on a walk!

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