Gingerbread House from Tea For All Reasons

[Gingerbread House from Tea For All Reasons]

Whenever I get tea from Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy, the first thing I do is just look at it – TFAR puts so many cool things in their teas that they are always fun just to see. In this case, on the top of the mix was a piece of cinnamon stick, and several chunks of popcorn – very “Christmas-y” looking, since those are things that people use to decorate Christmas trees (and Solstice trees and Yule trees and for that matter, Saturnalia trees). There are also chunks of dried fruit, and lots and lots of currants.

The first thing I could smell was the currants, too, along with a smell of molasses, somehow, though that’s not listed as one of the ingredients. It is an ingredient in gingerbread, though, so the mix of things in here does a good job of conveying baked gingerbread.

Once the tea is brewed, it smells even more strongly of currants and baked goods – I think that the popcorn and almonds help give it that note of baked grains. It’s a very rich full-bodied taste, for an herbal tea – warm, and even, in a way, filling, just as baked cookies would be. But without the calories!!

This makes a terrific dessert tea, especially since it’s caffeine-free, so that it can be served after dinner or even later at night – say, by the fireplace (or the tablet with a flickering fireplace app, if one lives in an urban condo), with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” playing in the background.

Tea For All Reasons describes this tea as:

This outstanding novelty herbal is deliciously sweet, full of treats, with a heavenly aroma. With it’s [sic] blend of apple, cinnamon, orange bits, almonds, popcorn, currants, pineapple and other flavorings, this will become a favorite for the entire family.

And yes, I will admit it – after brewing my tea, I opened my infuser and ate bits of the tea, especially the plump bits of dried fruit. This isn’t the first TFAR tea where I’ve been tempted to do that, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!



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Gingerbread House from Tea For All Reasons: This fruity tea has a warm sweet taste of baked goods, and makes a t…

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