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gta_2012_ginseng_oolong_380x380As you can see today’s review is for a special blend that has won a great taste award. This tea is Ginseng Oolong from LuLin Teas.

Firstly I would like to start by saying I have reviewed several of LuLin’s Teas this week and I am very pleased with the variety and quality of the blends.

Here we have Ginseng Oolong a blend that I personally have not yet come across whilst sampling teas.

I will first start by saying I was very intrigued when I opened the foil pack as the tea was in the form of little nuggets (just as you see on the image).

I will now prepare my kettle for boiling.

LuLin advise that this particular blend is infused for 30 seconds and to discard after the first brew and then to re-steep and infuse for 1-3 minutes according to taste preference.

My kettle has now boiled so I add the recommended amount (3-4g) into my tea pot and let the tea infuse for 30 seconds.

I have decided to leave the tea whilst re-steeping for the full 3 minutes for maximum flavour.

3 minutes have now passed and I take a sip of the golden liquor.

The tea is very clean tasting with a lovely golden hue to it.

I would say that this tea is rather sweet with an almost liqourice hint to it.

I have decided that I feel this tea would be appropriate for more a special occasion rather than an everyday tea (although if you like the finer things in life then you could take the tea more regularly), personally I will be saving this for when I have guests that I want to impress.

LuLin Tea describe this tea as-

This tea is from the spectacular province of Fujian on the Southeast coast of China famed for its Oolong Teas. In China Ginseng Oolong is known as Lan Gui Ren translating as ‘Lady Orchid’ due to the way the rolled leaves unfurl and the slight hint of Orchid in the flavour.

To make this tea the Oolong leaves are rolled into tight pellets and then dropped into a mixture of American Ginseng and liquid Liquorice grass so the whole pellet is coated.

While the pellet is a dark green/grey colour the tea will brew a delightful golden yellow and you will be overcome by the sweetness while it brews.

Adding the ginseng to the oolong tea serves to sweeten the potential bitter after taste that is sometimes experienced after drinking Oolong. The different ingredients balance each other out to create the perfect equilibrium of flavours and smells.

Overall I would say this tea is sweet, clear and a very impressive tea to have out when you have guests that you want to impress. Thank you LuLin for yet another little treasure!


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Ginseng Oolong from LuLin Teas: As you can see today’s review is for a special blend that has won a great taste …


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