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Goji Berry Green TeaI must admit that when I first read the ingredients of this tea, I became a bit apprehensive about trying it.  Goji berries are already on the tart side, so seeing that hibiscus was also in the blend seemed a bit like overkill, and I worried that this would end up being an extraordinarily tart tea.

Fortunately this is not the case.  Maybe it is the other ingredients in this blend that help to offset the blend, or perhaps it’s my own palate.  But I don’t find this tea to be overly sour, as I thought I would.  There is some tartness, naturally, but, not so much that it overwhelms the cup.

On the contrary, this is really a delightful cup of Green Tea that seems to appeal to all areas of my palate.  The green tea is fresh-tasting with a slight vegetative quality, and the matcha in the blend offers just a hint of pleasant bitterness.  There is also sweetness brought on by the Rooibos as well as strawberry flavor, and even a whisper of sharpness from the licorice powder.

And then, of course, there is the tart flavor of the goji berry.  While the flavor of the goji is strong, it is not an overpowering presence in the cup, and the strength of the goji berry in this tea isn’t even recognized until about mid-cup. No, I’m not saying that the goji berry is not detectable, I’m just saying that it is very well balanced with the other flavors in the blend.

Stash Tea describes this tea as

Goji berries, native to China and Tibet, bring a slight tartness and bright citrus notes to this green tea. With Matcha.

Ingredients:  Green Tea, {en:hibiscus}, organic {en:rooibos}, {en:rosehips}, goji flavor, raspberry leaf, strawberry flavor, {en:matcha}, licorice powder, and citric acid.

Because it is a light-bodied tea, it makes a really nice late afternoon to early evening cup.  I added a small amount of agave nectar to this tea, as I do with most flavored teas, as it does enhance the flavors of a flavored tea; and as there are so many unique and delicious flavors to this blend, they should definitely be enhanced.  It would also make a refreshing glass of iced tea, althoughI’d recommend a little more sweetener as the flavors do mute a bit when they cool.

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Goji Tea Lover

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