Goji Berry Mountain Blend from Double Koi Tea

Organic Goji Berry Mountain BlendThe name of this tea is certainly a tongue twister! Try saying it three times fast, I dare you! With tons of ingredients this tea will give you a mouthful of deliciousness. It smells heavenly, very rich and fruity.

I mean look at all these ingredients: Organic {en:Rooibos}, organic {en:goji} berry, organic rosehips, organic hibiscus, organic currants, organic cranberries, organic calendula, natural cranberry flavor, natural raspberry flavor, and natural strawberry flavor.

Double Koi Tea describes this tea as:

This delicious blend of flavorful rooibos accompanied with Goji Berries, currants, cranberries, and hibiscus. It brews up red, with bright fruit notes. A very easy to drink rooibos tea and children loves it too.

Origin: Africa

Certification: National Organic Program

All of those organic ingredients make a nice tea to enjoy! Double Koi’s mission is to ensure that they are proving quality Organic Teas. They also have some neat looking tea pots! They are a hands on tea company, and it is ensured that the tea you recieve is as fresh as if it was just picked.

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