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Goji Green Tea from Local Coffee + TeaI LOVE LOVE LOVE this tea!! This tasty fruit flavored tea from Local Coffee + Tea is a real treat on a warm summer day.  Refreshing whether served hot or iced, their Goji Green Tea quenches your thirst while providing health benefits to your body at the same time.

The aroma of the dried leaves is extremely strong, and very fruity with a tangy edge.  It almost tastes like strawberries, but with something close to a really juicy bubblegum flavor  It’s hard to describe, but completely delicious.   The fresh {en:Sencha} green tea leaves give this symphony of flavors a sweet yet tangy backdrop.  Perfect for spring and summer!

Local Coffee + Tea describes this tea as:

Take a Japanese Sencha green tea; add super-fruit {en:Goji_berries|Goji berries}, a splash of blue cornflower blossom and not only do you get a fabulous looking tea but a powerhouse of nutrients too.

This is truly a red diamond (a name used by the Chinese for the berry) in the Crown.

The {en:Goji_berries|Goji} has been grown on plantations along the floodplains of the Yellow River for more than 600 years and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for nearly 2,000 years. Carefully picked or shaken from the trees the berries are dried in full sun, dehydrating over a period of 48 hours.

{en:Goji_berries|Goji} contains many nutrients like trace minerals, amino acids, very high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene. It is said to boost your immune system and help fight infection, fight insomnia and forgetfulness.

Best of all, it tastes really good.

One of the most interesting myths surrounding the berry is of {en:Li_Qing_Yuen|Li Qing Yuen} who was said to have consumed red diamonds daily and lived to the age of 252. (1678-1930) Drink lots of this tea and expect to live a long and happy life.

2oz packets of loose leaf tea make between 20 and 25 cups of tea, though we recommend multiple infusion to enjoy even more of this fine tea.

The purported health benefits of the Goji berry are indeed numerous.   A strong anti-oxidant, published studies have reported possible medicinal benefits of Lycium barbarum (Goji Berries),  including potential benefits against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, vision-related diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma, having neuroprotective properties or as an anticancer and immunomodulatory agent.

This makes this drink refreshingly good for you, as well as being a very tasty beverage!  A real all-around winner that I would easily consider one of the best green teas in the WORLD.

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