Golden Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips Tea by Cup Above Tea

Golden Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips Tea by Cup Above TeaA delightful package arrived at my door yesterday – one very delicately and intricately wrapped with care.

As I opened it, I knew it had to contain something pretty special. And it did!

It was Cup Above Tea’s Golden Hand Rolled Himalayan Tips Tea – packaged in a premium, black glass jar with a lovely sleek label.

As I read about the tea, I notice it has come from a batch of only 3kg, meaning this experience should be very unique – one like I’ve never had before.

On opening the jar, a lovely, light, hazelnut-like aroma escapes, and I cannot wait to brew this tea.

I pour on the 90 degree water, and watch the tightly rolled leaves unfurl, releasing a deep green liquor as they do so. The smell of the tea when the water hits becomes deeper, more intense.

On taking my first sip, I can instantly tell this is a tea of very high quality. Caramel, nutty flavours come through, with a clean, crisp aftertaste. There’s a definite texture to this tea also – it has great mouthfeel, quite substantial but not overbearing.

Here’s what Cup Above Tea say about this blend:

A tea with instant visual appeal and a rich, chocolatey aroma. Full bodied, smooth and malty with unique hints of toffee and maple. It’s bold, beautiful and best in breed. A perfect kick-start for the morning.

And I can see what they mean. Except, I disagree about it being a kick-start for the morning – this tea should be drank the day through! It is a truly superior blend and one I regard as being up there with the absolute best teas of all time.

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