Golden Monkey from Teas Etc

Golden Monkey from Teas EtcThis tea is golden in every way possible.  From the beautiful full leaves to the enticing aroma and smooth, satisfying flavor that is full of a honey-like smooth maltiness with a hint of a cocoa undertone, this is a golden beauty.  The leaves themselves are beautiful to look at and have a gorgeous fragrance which is at once malty and smoky.

While the leaves are golden, and this tea brews up into a lovely amber brew, the tea’s nomenclature (the “Monkey” part of the title)  is a ambiguous mystery – some say it is due to the shape of the leaves, being shaped like monkey’s claws.  Others say it refers to the golden down-like hairs on the tea leaves which resemble the hair on Yunnan’s Golden Monkeys (see photo below – aren’t they just absolutely adorable??), which are found in the same regions this tea is produced.

Golden Monkeys from Yunnan ChinaNo matter what the reason for the name of this tea, it is considered one of the finest Chinese Black Teas available today.  And while you can find Golden Monkey tea (also known as ‘Panyong Wang’)  in a variety of qualities (from the barely drinkable to the exquisite), this  particular Golden Monkey from Teas Etc . is one of the highest grade Golden Monkey teas I’ve ever tasted.  You can tell just how premium this Golden Monkey is by it’s long, full tippy leaves with a consistent golden color and sweet honey-like malty aroma.

Teas Etc describes this tea as:

The unique character and lingering finish is intoxicating. An exquisite USDA Certified Organic golden, black tea from southern China’s Yunnan province, the beautiful, gold twisted leaves are almost as lovely to look at as to taste.Don’t mistake this for lower grade teas of this type. This is a premium grade golden monkey that is not to be missed!

Indeed this is a premium grade golden monkey, which all lovers of black or Oolong Tea should taste.  It’s a bit light for a black tea, but it makes up for it in character!  The deep, lingering pleasant aftertaste of this tea stays with you long after you’ve taken a sip, and this tea is never bitter or sharp in any way.   This tea is also delicious with milk and honey/sweetener, however I enjoyed it plain with a touch of sugar.

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