Good Fats Tea from Vitalife

Good Fats Tea from VitalifeToday I received yet another one of Vitalife’s teas.

This time I get the Good Fats Black Tea which contains an exciting blend of Coconut, Cashew and Vanilla…Sounds exiting!

I open the canister and pop open the foil pack and get hit with an almighty scent of coconutty creaminess-  I am a huge lover of Coconut so I think this may just be a winner for me.

As with all of the other Vitalife tea’s these are teabags (which is handy today as I want convenience).

I prepare my kettle for boil whilst sniffing the pack (I can’t seem to get enough of this aroma and I really hope the tea tastes as good as it smells).

After a few minutes my kettle is boiled so I pour the hot liquid over the teabag and let it infuse for 4 minutes (as stated on the packaging).

4 minutes later my tea is ready to drink. Before that though I just have to share a few things- The tea smells creamy yet smooth and once brewed to 4 minutes gives off a golden brown colour like some black teas do.

I take a sip and well wow, this tea is smooth, creamy, nutty and delivers all the flavours as stated. I first get Coconut then the Vanilla and then a mild Cashew flavour adds nuttiness to the flavour.

This is a tea that you would find exceptionally rewarding if you are feeling a little under the weather or for when you want an indulgent tasting cuppa without having to add syrups, sugars or creams like you can with most warm beverages. This is all flavour and no guilt. This would be great for people who are dieting or for those people who struggle to incorporate good fats into their diet or just for those people like me who love Coconut!

This tea is sheer brilliance for me and I would even go as far as saying it is the nicest blend I have ever tasted- Thank you again Vitalife

Vitalife describes this tea as-

This smooth, creamy blend delivers a dose of good fats to help you lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Good fats are essential and have been proven to help promote heart, brain, and joint health

How it works:

Coconut’s fats have been shown to provide the body with energy

Cashews, with 72% poly and mono unsaturated fats, deliver a good dose of essential fatty acids plus a host of other nutritional benefits

Black tea, like all other teas from the camellia sinensis plant, offers antioxidant properties

Vanilla adds a great, creamy flavour dimension to this tea

Great for: Those people who struggle to incorporate good fats into their diet

Serve with freshly boiled water, infuse for 4 minutes, leaving the bag in the cup while you drink. Enjoy.

Store in a cool dry place. Drink 2-3 cups per day for maximum effect.

Ingredients: Black tea, Coconut, Cashews & Vanilla. Absolutely nothing else.

Overall I find the tea exceptionally indulgent with a lovely smooth and creamy flavour which is perfect for me any time.

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