Good Hair Day from My Tea Shelf

Good Hair Day from My Tea ShelfAs their description accurately states, “this is a beautiful bright tea with a nice soft flavor”.  I think that really does sum up this tea well. However I wouldn’t be a very good reviewer if I left it at *that*, so let me expound on that description.

It’s as bright in person as it is in the photograph, with bright orange chunks of dried carrot and huge dried Marigold (Calendula) flowers.  This is an herbal tea, meaning there are no real “tea” leaves, just a mixture of herbs and flowers.  In this particular herbal tea, My Tea Shelf combines {en:Stinging_nettle|nettle} with lemon balm and blackberry leaves with the Marigold flowers and carrot bits.

This mixture has a unique, but hard to describe flavor.  Both bright and juicy, this light tea has many subtle nuances to it, but everything about this blend screams “sunshine!”.  I was not able to try this one iced, but I would imagine that it is a VERY good iced tea as well.  But the hot blend was perfect with just a touch of sugar which brought out the mild citrus flavors.

My Tea Shelf describes this tea as:

This is a beautiful bright tea with a nice soft flavor. The minerals and nutrients found in these herbs and the vitamins from carrot bits contribute to stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

Ingredients: Organic nettle, organic calendula flowers, organic lemon balm, organic blackberry leaf and carrot bits. Caffeine-free
1.5 tsp/cup . 205°water . for 5 minutes

I think the title, “Good Hair Day”, is an awesome, catchy title for a unique blend that includes both carrots (which are said to be good for your hair) and nettle (also good for your hair, although when applied directly to hair) and other good-for-your-hair herbs.  Will you get any more benefit for your hair from this tea that you would from say…eating one single carrot? No, probably not.  However this tea provides the same benefits you get from having a ‘good hair day’, which is to say it brightens your day and reminds you that it’s all how you look at things!

And as always, my day is also made brighter by their careful, detail-oriented handmade packaging which shows that they really care about their tea blends.

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AWESOME, tea does everything!

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