Grape Sencha from Rua Tea

Grape Sencha

I’ll admit, this is a new flavor for me.  I’ve never had a grape flavored tea before, and when I saw this listed in Rua Tea‘s Etsy store, I immediately snatched up a tin to see what grape tea would taste like.

The tea came in the mail today, and was packaged in a lovely little metal tin with a clear lid.  I felt this packaging was really beautiful and incredible – and they are right, the tin can be used over and over again.

The aroma of the tea is really lovely, with a tart fruity scent featuring strong grape notes.  Because the high quality Green Tea base features long tippy green tea leaves, you don’t have to use much of this tea per cup.  I used about a teaspoon.  There were also whole dried fruits in this tea blend, which I loved!

Rua Tea describes this tea as:

This Grape Sencha is an award winner that uses subtle combinations of fresh Sencha and fruit flavors. Opening with grape flavor, a hint of dried cranberry and raspberry chips combine into the sweet-tart flavors of our Grape Sencha. The Sencha and the flavor work in harmony so neither overpowers the other. Enjoyable for both hot and iced brew.

This tea does not have artificial flavorings and is very high grade.

I could taste the cranberries and grapes most prominently, along with that lovely sencha base.   The description by Rua Tea is dead-on when it calls this tea “sweet-tart”, it is succulently sweet from the berries with a crisp bite to the finish.  A light, refreshing berry tea!

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Even the dried tea leaves of this type are pretty; they look like dried flowers. That’s why I enjoy Darjiling tea. It has a hint of a flowery taste to me. Thanks for the blog.

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