Grapefruit Supreme from Distinctly Tea

Green & White GrapefruitDistinctly Tea has some wonderful blends of green & White Teas and this one is definitely one of the best I’ve had so far! Grapefruit is by far one of my favourite fruits so when I found out Distinctly Tea had this blend, I had to try it immediately!

The tea is quite pretty with a mix of dark & light green with pink & yellow petals. Really nice to look at!

The smell of this tea is quite invigorating and refreshing; it smells exactly like a pink grapefruit! And, of course, it is quite mouth-watering. When brewed, the aroma is pretty much the same. Grapefruit is the most prominent scent but I can definitely smell undertones of the green & white tea.

Just like the aroma of this tea, the taste is very invigorating & refreshing! Grapefruit is the most prominent taste with undertones of green & white tea. And Distinctly Tea is right; this tea is not bitter at all! It is a very smooth tea to drink. The taste definitely reminds me of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and is not at all artificial like I’ve found with some other citrus blends of tea. And it is not at all sour and in fact, is a little bit sweet!

Distinctly Tea describes this tea as:

Our proprietary blend of Chinese green and White Monkey pekoe tea combined with orange peels, safflower, calendula petals & natural grapefruit flavour. Our special blend of green and White Monkey pekoe tea allows for longer steeping times (5 MIN.) without the bitterness associated with Japanese Sencha to ‘bring home the flavour’. Try this tea iced for a treat!

I highly recommend the five minute steeping time that Distinctly Tea mentions in their description. I tried the tea after about 3 minutes, and it was not ready! Usually, I can get about two steeps from this tea. I’ve never added any sweetener to this tea, but if you usually put sugar or some sort of sweetener on your grapefruit, I’d give it a try in this tea as well.

I’m sure this tea would make a very refreshing iced tea on a hot summer day! I have yet to try it that way but I plan on it, especially since we are finally getting into summer! I also found when drinking this tea, that it gave me a bit of an energy boost, so this is definitely a great tea if you need a bit of a boost at some point during the day!

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