Green Apple Organic Green Tea from Liber-TEAS

Green Apple Green Tea from Liber-TeasI was afraid I wasn’t going to get a chance to review this tea, because Liber-Teas’ proprietor wasn’t sure she would be making another batch. But she did get in the organic Green Tea that serves as the base for this, and voila! Green Apple Tea!

When one opens the tin, one sees the beautiful long leaves of the green tea, and immediately smells the green apple scent – summer! When brewed, surprisingly the tea aroma becomes stronger and the apple aroma a little less strong. I felt that a good pinch of sugar brought the apple back to its rightful place, smoothing out the very slightly grassy note of the green tea. A little more sugar, and it made an absolutely terrific iced tea, which I plan on drinking a great deal of this summer. Granny smith apples are my favorite, and this tea just made me feel as if I was surrounded by them. Yum.

Liber-Teas describes this tea as:

Imagine biting into a crisp, juicy apple fresh off the tree! Tea time now can bring you that delightful experience – any time of year!

100% Organic Green tea leaves from China, flavored with 100% organic ingredients. Vegan.

Many things go with the apple flavor – if you want to add a wedge of lime, for example, it tastes tart and brings out the tartness of the apple; if you prefer to concentrate on the sweeter notes of the apple flavor, then add a sprig of mint – especially good in iced tea. (And for a colorful, if eccentric, note, add a maraschino cherry instead of sugar – the cherry goes well with the apple!)

Green tea from Japan gets classified as sencha or gyokuro, and often labeled as to harvest (first through fourth). Since the demand for green tea has grown, China has started producing it for export as well, but hasn’t fully adopted the Japanese labeling conventions, so it’s difficult to tell how much caffeine this green tea might have, and which and how much anti-oxidants are in this particular tea. So you’ll want to Drink This for the flavor.

The apple pieces in the tea are also organic, by the way! And this tea will stand up to a second steeping. If you have a garden, after you’ve gotten the most out of your tea leaves, place them right on your garden – they provide instant mulch, and the tea has natural insect-repelling components.

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Thank you for the fantastic review of my Green Apple Tea. It is one of my favorite teas, and am so happy it’s back in my tea cabinet!

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