Green Tea from Tim Hortons

Green TeaAs I’ve said before, I’m not generally a fan of bagged tea.  This is because I feel that teabags rob you of the full flavor potential of any tea.  Of course, there are exceptions, as I have reviewed quite a few bagged teas on this blog that I’ve really enjoyed.   This tea is definitely an exception; this is truly a delicious bagged Green Tea!

The scent of the brewed tea is very relaxing – very light, with hints of citrus and floral notes.   When inhaling the fragrance of this tea, it is very uplifting, exhilarating, while at the same time, soothing.

The flavor is soft and sweet, with no bitterness whatsoever.  There is a slight astringency to the tea that provides a very refreshing and clean taste to the tea.  One thing that I found very surprising (a nice surprise!) is that there is absolutely no grassy flavor to this green tea at all.  With many Chinese Green teas, there are some grassy notes – not always a bad thing, as I’ve come to appreciate the grassy tones – but, it certainly is nice to find green teas without that signature grassy taste once in a while!

Tim Hortons describes this tea as

Relax with a fresh cup of Tim Hortons Green Tea with Lemon Grass, that evokes the spirit of Asia. By selecting only the finest quality green tea leaves, we’ve captured the sweet, delicate flavour that is traditional to green tea. Sit back, relax and go green! Available in boxes of 20 sachets.

Ingredients:  Green tea, lemon grass, lemon balm herb, verbena leaves.  A blend of teas from China.

The herbs add a lemony flavor that is very appealing to this blend.  Because there is a naturally occurring delicate sweetness to this tea, no additional sweetener is necessary (unless you’d prefer something a bit sweeter).   I found it quite palatable without the sweetener, making this a perfect choice for those who want to watch their sugar intake.

This tea is absolutely delicious served either hot or iced.  I prefer it iced (I do add just a little sugar to the chilled version), because it’s very clean and refreshing, especially on those hot summer days!  I took some of this tea to Tucson on a recent trip, and I made some of this tea in my hotel room and served it iced, and it was the perfect way to help ward off the intense Arizona heat!   Either hot or chilled, this is truly uplifting, rewarding tea experience.

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Great review! I’m getting a pack today!

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