Green Tea Tropical from Mighty Leaf

Green Tea Tropical

From the gorgeous silken packaging, to the high quality tea, and even the inclusion of a witty double entendre in the company title (you know…”Mighty Leaf” and “My-Tea-Leaf”), Mighty Leaf is a well known and well liked tea company.

This sample of Mighty Leaf’s Green Tea Tropical was sent to me by Nancy Spruiell of who offers Mighty Leaf Teas wholesale to spas, salons, and other businesses.  She highly recommended Mighty Leaf to me (so much so in fact that she sent me several samples of their teas!), and now that I’ve had my first cup I can see why.

Mighty Leaf describes this tea as:

Green Tea Tropical green tea boasts smooth green tea leaves that harmoniously blend with sweet tropical fruits to create a sensation as uplifting as a breeze off the isle of {en:Tahiti|Papenoo}. A healthy and refreshing blend rich in antioxidants, Green Tea Tropical makes ideal an introduction to green tea.  We sourced the finest loose leaf green tea to infuse our silken tea pouch, our twist on the gourmet teabag, with an extraordinary flavor experience.

Green tea, banana, strawberry, pineapple, guava, and exotic fruit flavors with red, white and blue cornflowers, pineapple pieces

Grammar aside (Green Tea Tropical green tea boasts smooth green tea?? ok, we get it, it’s green tea), this is a lovely example of a tropical flavored tea.  This tea has a rich buttery bright tropical fruit fragrance when brewed, and has a smooth, mellow flavor with no trace of bitterness, which is surprising in a bagged green tea!

The packaging really impressed me, from the professionally made individual outer packet (with such beautiful photos of their tea on the front), and the silken pouch that holds the tea is honestly the most beautiful and well-made disposable tea pouch I’ve ever seen.  The back of the outside packet reads:

Smooth green tea leaves harmoniously blend with sweet tropical fruits of pineapple and guava. Fragrant and uplifting, this bouquet will transport you to tropical bliss.

Brew time 3 Minutes.

Magic of Mighty Leaf:  Since ancient times, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves has been revered as the richest in character.  Today we proudly continue the tradition. Our handcrafted silken pouches are packed with our artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags.  Enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be.

A lovely everyday green tea rich in antioxidants and flavor! This would also make a lovely summer iced tea.

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