Green Tea with Cinnamon from Dilmah Tea

Cinnamon Green Tea

This is a gorgeous cinnamon Green Tea, another high-quality tea from the folks at Dilmah Tea.  The base for this tea is a quality 100% Ceylon Green tea with lots of smooth mellow grassy notes.  Added to this gorgeous tea is a gourmet cinnamon which is warm, spicy and delicious.

Dilmah Tea Describes this tea as:

Pure Ceylon green tea, lightly spiced with pieces of natural Cinnamon offering a touch of sweet spice. Aromatic & Sophisticated.

And in typical Dilmah style, both the taste and presentation are top-notch.  Although this is a bagged tea, this is not your typical store-bought bagged tea.  Dilmah teas are extremely high quality, as is shown in this cinnamon green tea.  As Dilmah Teas explain on their website:

Single Origin Tea – unblended tea – is important because one of the most desirable features in tea is terroir – the sense of place. Terroir dictates that tea grown in the Uva region at a certain time of year, possesses the unique, signature taste that is the product of that unique climatic phenomenon. It gives each valley, each region and each country its unique identity in tea. The lower cost option though is to buy tea from wherever it is cheap – for tea varies enormously in cost – and blend it all together to produce a ‘multi-origin blend’. That may work for coffee, but certainly not for tea.

Dilmah is Garden Fresh, for it is freshness that guarantees a rich, and satisfying cup, that is also potent in healthy antioxidants.

Traditionally Manufactured
Ordinary teas have abandoned the centuries old “orthodox” method or manufacturing for the fast track CTC (cut twist curl) method to meet demand for a quicker brew from tea bags.  This sacrifices the character and real taste of tea.   Dilmah stands firmly by traditional tea making methods, which explains why Dilmah tea tastes different!

This tea is warm and soothing, and delightful to the senses.  The scent of sweet cinnamon dominates the aroma, while balancing the green tea perfectly to present a flavor that is simple yet seductive.  Be careful of over-brewing this one, the delicate flavor of the green tea turns bitter quickly if overbrewed.   Another winner from Dilmah Tea!

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I’m not sure I like this tea. Maybe not brewing it right, but it tastes very dilute to me. I can’t taste either cinnamon OR greeen tea.

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