Grüner Tee Vanille from Lord Nelson

Gruner Tee Vanille from Lord NelsonI received this in a tea swap from a girl who lives in Norway.

Prior to steeping it reminded me of a vanilla scented doll I used to have as a kid…I think it was something from the Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon Series/Themed-time type thing. Either way the scent brought me back to my childhood. The taste has just a hint of vanilla, not much though It’s calming and creative and a nice relaxing cup!

All the info I Googled came up in a different language and I was unable to get a good translation for it.

A fellow tea lover on another site I frequent said and I quote:

In Europe, you can find this brand at the ubiquitous German LIDL Supermarket chain.

I would love to try more of Lord Nelson’s Tea just because it’s different to me and I’m intrigued.



Sapete dirmi la provenienza del the verde al limone lord nelson del lidl?

The Tea Guru

Io personalmente non conosco l’origine del tè utilizzate in questa miscela, tuttavia in insaccato tè verde, il tè usato è di solito un grado inferiore di tè verde giapponese come il Sencha o Bancha, quindi è probabilmente qualcosa come questo!

Kieran O'Sullivan


I have started drinking Lord Nelson Green tea with lemon. I buy it in lidl too. It’s very cheap for 25 individually wrapped bags (€1.37) and the tea is really nice.


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