Harvest Orange Spice from Octavia Tea

Harvest Orange Spice from Octavia TeaUpon reviewing the ingredient list for this tea blend, one might assume that this is a masala {en:chai} tea, and while the ingredients are similar, this is not what I would consider a “chai” – I think it is much more like an orange flavored tea with spice, rather than a chai.  (Yes, I realize that “chai” means tea, but, chai has seemingly come to mean “Indian spiced tea blend” rather than simply “tea” … at least, to me it has!)

Semantics aside, this is a very flavorful tea that I’m enjoying very much.  The Black Tea base is powerful with a bold, rich character; however, even though it is a strong tea, it does not overpower the other flavors of this cup.

Unlike many orange spice blends out there, the focus of this tea is on the orange.  This is not a SPICY tea, rather a mildly spiced, citrus tea.  The orange really is the shining star of this blend!  It has a deliciously juicy flavor that is sunshine-y sweet.  The clementine is the perfect choice for this blend, and whether you consider a clementine to be a tangerine or an orange (I think of it as a tangerine, but, here, it’s called an orange), it is an amazingly delicious citrus-y essence.

The spice blend in this tea adds just the right accent to give this tea a delightful autumnal feel.    The spices add warmth, a little sweetness, a sharp note, and a very pleasant peppery effect that hits the tongue in the finish.  It makes for a very enjoyable tea experience.

Octavia Tea describes this blend as

All of the elements of a pie baked fresh on a brisk autumn evening find their way into this spiced black tea.  Exotic cardamom and clove are married with ginger, cinnamon and clementine orange in this rich, flavorful blend.  Wonderful with a touch of milk and sugar.


* 100% organic, fair trade certified black tea
* 100% organic cardamom
* 100% organic cinnamon
* 100% organic ginger
* 100% organic clove
* 100% organic licorice root
* 100% organic black pepper
* Pure essential oil of orange

Although the description suggests serving with milk and sugar, I opted to enjoy it without any addition and found it to be really tasty that way.   It is delicious hot or iced.

I really like this deliciously different citrus spice blend.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the spicy-hot blends too, but it’s nice to come across an orange spice tea that focuses on the fruit rather than the spices, and this one does just that.  Very well, too, I might add!



How fun! I love drinking tea so I love that you have a whole blog related to reviewing them. One brand that I really love that I don’t see on your list is the Portsmouth Tea Company. When I lived in Boston I used to buy lots of their teas and they were oh so unique. They had some really great fruity and floral blends.

It’s interesting that in this one the ingredient list is so close to a Chai. It would be fun to taste them side by side and see how the flavors compared.


Well, as someone who has tasted a lot of chai tea, I can attest that this really is not very similar in taste to Chai. Chai tends to focus on the spices, whereas this tea’s focus is on the orange, with the spices being very gentle and more of an accent to the orange.

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