Heart of Love Blooming Tea from Grand Tea

Heart of LoveI have always enjoyed watching blooming teas as they steep – they open up so gracefully and reveal a delicate little flower (or flowers!) inside the tender green leaves.   This tea, with its delicate green leaves with silvery tips, was pressed compactly into a heart shape.  The aroma is vaguely reminiscent of jasmine pearls – a very fresh scent with a whisper of jasmine perfume.

After placing the heart in my glass teacup and pouring the hot water over it, I watched in eager anticipation, not just for the revelation of the showy display, but also for the tea itself – after all, it smells like jasmine, by this time, I’m hoping it tastes just as good as it smells.

And I was not disappointed.  The pale amber tea possesses a very faint, sweet floral undertone, but even more delightful (and quite unexpected) was the buttery flavor that washed over my palate.  This tea has a very rich, smooth flavor that is so good.  There is absolutely no hint of bitterness, and just a slight edge of astringency that is curbed pleasantly by the sweet, buttery essence of the tea.

GrandTea.com describes this tea as

Blooming tea is a small bundle of dry tea leaves and flowers hand-embroidered together with cotton thread into a ball. When steeped, the ball opens up and transforms into a bouquet of flower. Heart of Love blooming teas are made of spring harvest tea leafs, the taste is gentle and delicious.

I steeped this tea twice, and it produced two very flavorful infusions.  It wasn’t until the second infusion that the heart completely bloomed and revealed a delicate cream, gold and burgundy colored bouquet.

This tea tastes great without any sweetener.  My only complaint would be that I would have liked the jasmine flavor to be a bit more pronounced.  However, I found that the complex layers of flavor here were very unexpected and delicious.   This is a tea that you’ll not only enjoy watching it brew, but enjoy drinking it just as much – if not more!

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Gloria P.

Oh, no! If it tastes and smells like Jasmine, I definitely don’t want this tea!

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