Heat Seal Tea Bags for Loose Tea

Heat Seal Tea Bags

Heat Seal Tea Bags

Name of Tea Accessory:
Heat Seal Tea Bags
available in:
Small – 2.75 x 2.75
Large – 4×5

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Nature’s Adornments at:

I buy a lot of loose tea. That’s an understatement, really.  I spend hundreds each month on tea alone, and considering as how I drink 20+ cups of tea a day, I need something quick, easy and convenient that I can use to brew my loose tea in.  Although metal infusers are probably better for the leaves to unfurl, and some of you tea purists out there will probably turn away at the use of a bag, I honestly prefer the ease of use, and the ability to prepare large amounts of the tea for future use at once. (Although Nature’s Adornments sells metal tea infusers also at the low-low price of $3 each)

Don’t get me wrong, I usually absolutely hate pre-bagged tea (sold in stores), because they are usually either over-stuffed or the company uses the bags to mask the poor quality of the tea they use.  However when I buy these in bulk I’m able to measure the tea myself into these environmentally-friendly, adhesive-free tea bags.

Nature’s Adornments describe these as:

These Self Seal Tea Bags are wonderful for filling with your own mixture of Loose Tea or herbs for a custom cup of herbal hot or Ice Tea.  Simply fill with your choice of ingredients and use a hot iron to seal the open edge.  There is no string or tag attached.

These Tea Bags are Oxygen Bleached – No chemicals or adhesives used.  These are empty bags – No ingredients included.  Cut or tear each bag apart on perforation. Photo show bags already cut apart.

These bags are made of a special filter paper for making tea bags, the exact same paper that is used in all of the major tea brands you see, there are no adhesives the paper itself has a built in structure that is heat-sealable it is a lightweight, two phase heat-sealable tissue comprised of a special blend of thermoplastic fibers, abaca, and selected cellulose fibers.

Since my ironing board and iron are situated close to each other in my kitchen, it’s quite convenient for me to “iron and brew” during the day or even bag up lots of tea at once for easy future brewing.  All you need to do is place the tea inside the bag and iron it shut along the open edge.  Be sure to iron as little as you can (close to the edge), so the tea has lots of room to move around and unfurl!  These are also the best heat-sealable tea bags for the value that I’ve found as well, although I’m somewhat disappointed the seller stopped offering the 250 count bags, and is now only offering 100 and 500 count bags.  So I’m off to buy two 100 count self seal tea bags to stock up for a little while!



What an amazing idea! I only ever bother drinking loose tea on the weekends, because my weekdays are just too hectic to take the time to fill up, use, & clean an infuser. I just toss a tea bag in my travel mug & go. Those little bags – with a little preparation – would make it so much more convenient! Will have to try them out…


I go through a lot of herb tea every week and I have found that buying herbs in bulk and making my own teabags is much cheaper and also lots of fun. Self sealing teabags are much more convenient on road trips than metal infusers. I learned a neat trick on Ehow for sealing the bags if you just happen to have a flat top ceramic stove.Have fun.

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