Herbal Jahva from Red Leaf Tea

Herbal Jahva from Red Leaf TeaThis tea tastes remarkably like coffee – to a tea drinker.  My own thought is that in the effort to make a tea that tastes like coffee, I think that Red Leaf Tea | Etsy Shop accomplished that wonderfully.

It doesn’t taste like *great* coffee – I mean, if you’re looking for a gourmet coffee, you’re probably better off just buying the coffee.  However if you are looking for a much healthier alternative to coffee, are a pot-a-day drinker, or are used to office/diner coffee (which is what this tastes like to me), then this tea just might be for you!

One of the important things to note about this tea is the brew time which is 5-12 minutes.  If you only brew this tea for a few minutes, you’re going to get a tea that tastes like really weak coffee.  The longer you brew this tea, the “stronger” the coffee taste is.

Red Leaf Tea describes this tea as:

Tea drinkers will surely appreciate this coffee, which brings together all of the sensual characteristics of roasted herbs, in a deliciously dark brew. Roasted dandelion root and chicory root-which are often used as coffee substitutes-are dried slowly and cooked to produce a smooth full-bodied flavor. In addition to their great taste, both these herbs also provide cleansing and detoxifying benefits to the liver. The added crystal and chocolate barley malt bring a nutty touch to this most delectable drink!

Ingredients: Roasted {en:Dandelion} Root,  Roasted {en:Chicory} Root, Crystal {en:Malt}, Chocolate Barley Malt.

I also want to point out that milk really makes this tea incredible.  I even made a passible iced cappucino with this tea!  And it’s really awesome that the ingredients are actually so healthy for you also.  The malts make it very thick bodied and robust with a full flavor.  The roasted Dandelion and Chicory roots provide for a delicious flavor that is remarkably close to coffee with a hint of bitterness that will definitely remind you of the bitterness inherent in coffee.     The only thing I did not like about this blend was the aftertaste, which was a little too bitter for me, but might be more appreciated by coffee drinkers.  Of all the coffee-flavored/coffee alternative teas I’ve tasted, this one is the one that has tasted the most like coffee.


James Oh

I love to know about this tea and I have not try it before.

Karen ~Georgia Angel

Wow! You have a lot of information here about tea. I’m not a big tea drinker, except sickly sweet iced tea. Great blog though! Dropping by through the June Comment Challenge.


OMG yum must try

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