Hibiscus Bliss from Higher Living

14803- Hibiscus Bliss

Good Morning tea-lovers!

I came across this lively looking tea this weekend whilst strolling round a local herbal shop.

The previous week I was watching a well known cooking show and Hibiscus tea was featured as an iced summer beverage.

The weather in England is way too cold and snowy for iced beverages so I welcome any hot drink, but I must admit I am particularly excited about this.

This tea is Hibiscus Bliss from Higher Living. This tea is 70% Hibiscus and 30% Lemongrass.

Higher Living advise the following for brewing-

Use one bag for a cup or two for a large mug.

Pour on freshly boiled water and allow the tea to brew for a good four or five minutes. The extracts need this time to release all their valuable essential oils and flavour.

You can make a pint of iced tea by brewing six bags in a single cup of boiling water. Top up to a pint with two cups of chilled mineral water and plenty of ice cubes, adding sugar or honey if you like it sweeter.

I prepare my kettle for boiling and take out my china cup.

I place one of the teabags into my cup and savour the teas aroma whilst the kettle boils.

My kettle has now boiled so I pour the hot liquid over the teabag and instantly the water goes a pinky/red colour.

This tea smells instantly fragrant (but not overly sweet-thank god as I am not a lover of really sweet teas.)

I take a sip of the tea and it tastes as fragrant as it smells. The Lemongrass is only mild in this blend which is great as it doesn’t overpower the Hibiscus flavour.

Higher Living describes this tea as-

Higher Living make their infusions with the finest quality organic ingredients for a better, brighter, bolder cup and an altogether more uplifting experience. Hibiscus Bliss, this delightfully refreshing infusion combines Hibiscus with Lemongrass to make for a delicious citrus burst.

Overall I would describe this tea as a refreshing, light and slightly sweet tea that is perfect anytime of the day as it is caffeine-free.


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Tea Review Blog (@teareviewblog)

A truly marvelous refreshing blend with valuable essential oils and flavour. Well worth a try.
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