High Mountain Black from In Nature Teas

High Mountain Black from In Nature TeasHigh Mountain Black Tea from In Nature Teas arrived in their signature box today, and I was reminded that summer was almost over, but for those of us that love hot tea, this is a good thing.  In the box, I was treated to a rainbow of sepia tones and an aroma to match.  Notes of honey and rich bold earthy notes flanked by a warm cinnamon and a subtle brown sugar.

Their packaging alone, the beautiful tan boxes with aromatic tea inside are a wonderful decoration for your kitchen, but are also tightly sealed with a foil lining inside to preserve the flavor and aroma of the tea for as long as possible!

The leaves are whole, leaves and buds, in golds and deep rich brown hues.  They brew up to a rich golden amber color and the leaves dance and unfurl wholly, to reveal slender spear-like leaves, and lovely whole buds.  The flavor sings with earthy richness and honey tones, enhanced richly by the cinnamon. A warm astringency lingers and has a touch maple buffers this to a pleasant warming taste.

In Nature has this to say:

Black/ Red (Ji Hong Men):  The best Black Tea in the market. Superior taste and aroma. One can drink at any time and even during meals. Unlike with most Chinese Teas, people will often add sugar and milk. It is also known as Red Tea (hong cha).

This tea brews to a reddish-brown colour with an exquisite rich soothing taste and aroma.

I usually prefer tea without sweetener, but this tea is absolutely exquisite with or without sweetener.   Honey is the best, but {en:turbinado} sugar is another good one. With or with out cream or milk, this one has so many subtle tones and bold flavors, the addition of those simply brings some more to the front than others, thus, making for a great tea to accompany everything from a heavy dinner to a light afternoon treat.

No matter how you taste and enjoy this tea, In Nature teas once again has brought us an amazing and highest quality tea. The care and expertise of their staff shows through. Enjoy and Bon Appetite!


Jesse P

This tea is incredible! It’s the first one I’ve bought off of your advice, but now I know it wont be the last. Thank you so much 🙂

jeanette cuevas

I need sample please

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