High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong from iTeapot

High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong from iTeapotHigh Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong Tea by iTeapot  is another of their Oolong teas that is of exceptional quality.  The dry leaves resemble that of a pearl, and are dark green in color with a fragrant grassy overtone, and a lightly floral note.  This tea is grown in the Alishan Tea District of the Central Mountains in Taiwan.

The liquor that brews up, is a warm yellow color with a slight hint of green. This tea  is a “dancing teas” as if you brew it in a clear container, the pearls move up and down in a graceful way that makes this tea not only calming but visually pleasant as well.  The liquor has a light aroma of floral with a hint of brightness that makes for a wonderful wake up.

This Oolong is lightly oxidized and unlike other Oolongs, is more of a Green Tea.  Brewing should be done with care as to not bruise this tea.  Follow the usual format for brewing green teas with Oolong, and you will bring out all the highlights and low notes of this wonderful tea.  There is a floral aftertone and creamyness that lingers on the pallet. This tea is best enjoyed without any cream or sweetener, as they will mask the more subtle flavors and aromas.

A second brewing, produces a pale yellow liquor, that has a light nose of spring time air and freshness.  The creamy flavor comes out much more strongly with the second brewing. Floral notes are more subdued, but the light crisp flavor of this tea is sure to pleas any pallet.  This tea makes for a wonderful palate cleanser in between courses, or as a pleasant way to welcome family and guests.

iTeapot describes this tea as:

High Mountain Jin Xuan Oolong Tea (Golden Lily) is a lightly oxidized green Oolong grown in the Alishan tea district of the Central Mountains in Taiwan. This tea brews to a light greenish yellow color. Once brewed, this Oolong produces a refreshing floral aroma and a pleasing smooth flavor with some slight sweetness. It follows with a mellow and soothing aftertaste that lingers. Jin Xuan is a special variety of Camellia Sinensis. This special variety is known for producing Oolong with a unique spring floral fragrance and a creaminess undertone, which makes it exceptionally popular.

Again like all of iTeapot’s teas, this comes in a silvered vacuum sealed bag. When you open this, be sure to inhale the initial aroma of this tea. It will take to the highlands of Taiwan and remind you of a spring breeze.  Be sure to store this tea in an air tight container that is also light and odor resistant, as this tea will pickup other flavors from around it.

I especially enjoy this tea in the evenings, it makes for a relaxing time, and goes well with a good book.

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