Himalayan Apple Spice from Yogi Tea

Himalayan Apple Spice

Tea for your spirit – Revive

My tea bag said to me:  You are unlimited. That is one thing I love about Yogi Teas, there is always a message on the paper tag attached to the bag.  This tea smells like a season, one of the best seasons, FALL! The spice is heavy and the apple is light, and this tea is refreshing for a mid afternoon delight, considering it has caffeine!

Yogi Tea describes this tea as:

Ascend the foothills of the legendary Himalayas, where the ancients created the perfect cup of tea. The journey begins with rich, full-bodied Assam Black Tea tempered with the sweet and earthy flavor of Rooibos. Warming ginger accented with clove enhance digestion and increase circulation.* Fragrant with the subtle sweetness of apple and pear, this gently invigorating tea refreshes the body and awakens the spirit.

Organic {en:Assam} Black Tea Leaf, Organic {en:Cinnamon} Bark, Organic {en:Ginger} Root, Organic (red) {en:Rooibos} Leaf, Organic {en:Nutmeg},  Organic Pear Flavor, Apple Powder, Organic {en:Clove} Bud, Organic Apple Flavor, Organic Black Pepper, Organic {en:Stevia} Leaf.

Each bag contains approximately 21 mg of caffeine, as compared to approximately 90 mg in 8 oz. of coffee.

Don’t the ingredients sound so good? That means it is good for you. Himalayan Apple Spice from Yogi tea is definitely worth trying.  A cup in the morning, noon, or early evening, will make you feel just right.

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I also love the messages that are attached to the Yogi Tea bags! I actually find it makes drinking the tea that much more enjoyable. And wow…I need to give this tea a try! It sounds delicious!!

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