Hippie Bus from Compass Teas

Hippie Bus
Hippie Bus is groovy, baby!

I will freely admit that I am a hippie.
Long hair? Tie-dye t-shirt on that I made myself? Bell bottom lover? Barefoot? Herbalist? CHECK!

The title, as well as the ingredients, caught my attention right away as they are great on their own but add up to be an even more groovy mix! All of the health benefits are a real bonus too.

Yerba Maté– Mood lifter, energy rejuvenator, weight loss aid, full of vitamins & minerals
Black Tea, Green Tea– Antioxidant rich, helps keep body hydrated, may help reduce your daily calorie intake which can lead to weight loss

Compass Teas describes this tea as:

The earthy flavors of green yerba mate, green tea, and wood smoked and pan fried black tea make a distinctive blend that is full of vitamins, minerals, and many health benefits. Yerba Mate has been said to have the ability to lift energy and moods, is a natural and nutritious stimulant that is believed to improve digestion and decrease pains, and has recently been gaining recognition as a weight loss aid (since it helps to decrease appetite). With Yerba Mate gaining recognition as a way to suppress appetite, and the light smokiness in the flavor almost making it feel like you are ‘sipping a snack’ – it’s no wonder this blend could be a useful tool in your weight loss plan.

Truly a unique experience that’s sure to rev up your Hippie Bus engine.

Now if only I had a real hippie bus… I would put it in my favorite travel mug (which happens to be the glass ‘n poly tea glass by Libre Teas) and cruise! Until that day comes (hey, I actually have looked around for one) I enjoy it at the office on days when I need something special to wake me up and transport me into a world that is much more filled with peace and love.

I prefer to Drink This tea hot and without sweeteners or other additives. I tried it once with a little dab of raw honey and that really made the flavors pop out, as sweeteners usually do, but it’s already flavorful enough for me.

Yerba mate, green tea and smoked black tea are all wonderful on their own but when mixed together the meaning of synergy really lifts off the ground. Each of the flavors are easily distinguishable and are well balanced. I thought for sure that the smoked black tea would choke out the green and yerba mate’s flavors but that is not the case. Although I can’t say that for the smell… one would think they were in the back of Cheech and Chong’s bus with how smokey it smells! Yum! If you have never tried smoked black tea I would say this would be a good way to ease into it but if you know you don’t like it then I suggest you try one of Compass Tea’s other fabulous choices.

Peace, Love and Harmony!

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