Honey-Kissed Green from Element Tea

Honey-Kissed Green from Element TeaThis is a delicious Green Tea offering from Element Tea.  The aroma of the dry leaf is inviting – ginger and honey with fresh, leafy notes – although the brewed tea has very little fragrance at all.

But that’s ok.  The flavor is what really counts – and this tea has a really pleasing flavor.  The ginger is perfect.  It doesn’t overwhelm the cup with a peppery flavor, it is gentle and warm, and even has a light ginger sweetness that reminds me a bit of a candied ginger taste.

This tea is aptly named, because it really tastes like it’s been kissed with honey.  The honey sweetness is not overly sweet.  It glides over the palate, softly coating it with a light honey-esque note.  It is really lovely.

The green tea base is smooth and offers a tender vegetative note that melds almost seamlessly with the ginger and honey.   It has a fresh taste and a character that is more what I would call leafy than grassy – something along the lines of lightly steamed vegetables with a touch of butter.  It has a well rounded taste with a light mouthfeel and no bitterness, and maybe a mere hint of astringency… if that.

Element Tea describes this blend as

With a honey likeness and a very subtle hint of ginger, this enjoyable tea has a bitter sweet finish.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Ginger Bits, Flavoring

Typically, when I think of “honey and ginger” I think of a home-brewed remedy for a sore throat.  And while this does have a certain calming essence to it, it doesn’t taste medicinal at all.   You wouldn’t find me complaining if this was what someone gave me to help relieve my aching throat!  It’s delicious!

This tea is delicious and rejuvenating as a hot beverage, and vibrantly cool as an iced tea.  I do recommend a pinch of sweetener (I prefer honey or agave nectar) if you choose to ice it, because it livens up the flavors just a little bit… but when served hot, it really doesn’t need any sweetener, the honey flavor is quite perfect just the way it is!

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