Honey Lemon Herbal Tea from Tim Hortons

Honey Lemon Herbal TeaThe perfect tea for lemon lovers!

Overall, I have been really impressed with Herbal Tisanes Tim Hortons has to offer. They are some of my favourites & this tea definitely did not disappoint me!

Upon opening the packet, the scent of lemon hits you instantly. This is followed by the scent of honey, that seems to linger in the background of this tea. The tea has a lovely citrus scent and is quite refreshing. On the other side of it, however, the slight scent of honey gives this tea a very soothing smell as well.

Although this tea is in a teabag, herbs are still quite visible. Colours are very much citrus, with lots of yellows & oranges. There are also a few darker colours in there as well. The tea brews a deep yellow colour, quite similar to the colour of honey.

The taste is very much citrus! As I said at the beginning, if you like lemon, you will LOVE this tea! I was surprised by the taste, at first, simply because I was expecting more honey (I had assumed this because “honey” is the first word in the name of the tea!). I was not disappointed by this since I love the both the scent & taste of lemon. In general, I love anything citrus! The flavour of lemon is not an artificial flavour, as I have experienced with some other “lemon” teas; it is very much like real lemon. I want to stress though, it is not overly sour or tart; it is just a lovely, lemon flavour that is not at all over-powering. The taste of lemon is the most prominent flavour in this tea. Just like with the scent of this tea, the taste of honey lingers in the background but there is just enough there to add just a hint of sweetness to this tea. With the prominent citrus flavour of this tea, I found it to be quite a refreshing drink! It was also quite soothing though, and a wonderful evening tea to have, simply because of the hint of honey. This has become a favourite evening tea of mine!

Tim Hortons describes this tea as:

Our soothing, revitalizing and delicious herbal teas are made from various selections of the finest herbs, flowers and spices.

Delicious and soothing, Tim Horton’s Honey Lemon Tea is a caffeine free blend of fragrant herbs, lemon and natural honey flavour.

Ingredients: Rosehip fruits, citronelle, {en:goldenrod}, lemon peel, roasted {en:chicory}, citric acid, {en:anise} seeds, natural honey flavour, natural flavours.

I steeped this tea for around five minutes. I recommend tasting it after about three minutes and seeing where the flavour is. This is definitely a tea, that if you steep for too long, will ruin the flavour. For me, the perfect steep time was five minutes. If you LOVE lemon (like I do), you probably won’t need to add any sweetener. If, however, you love the flavour of honey and want to bring the flavour out more in this, add a bit of sweetener. I have tried Stevia, Splenda & Agave Nectar in this tea and all brought out the flavour of honey and toned down the citrus.

This is a lovely, soothing tea to sip in the evening. It is also a great tea to drink if you have a cold.

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