Honeybee from The Simple Leaf

Honeybee from The Simple LeafThis tea is appropriately named – it has such a strong honey-esque flavor, you’d swear you were drinking honey!

The leaves are truly beautiful.  They are large, curly, and ranging in color from dark, brown-ish green to a deep, chocolate brown.  They look a lot like a very high quality, fancy Formosa Oolong.  But these leaves hail from Nepal.  The leaves are so bulky and large that I used the palm of my hand rather than a tea spoon to measure them out into my teapot!

As I said before, they have a strong honey flavor that melds seamlessly with a peach-like quality.  There are hints of flower and wood to the flavor as well.  It is a really lovely, luxurious flavor with a very smooth mouthfeel that is almost like satin.

The Simple Leaf describes this tea as

Honeybee is produced in tiny quantities by our dear friend Madan Tamang at his family’s Meghma Tea Estate. At 7,000 feet, it is one of the highest, and most remote, tea growing areas in the world! This gorgeous hand-crafted, Oolong Tea is made using traditional Taiwanese methods adapted for use in Nepal. After plucking, the leaves are hand rolled, covered with cloth and spread out on a table to dry. When infused, the tea exudes the aroma of native Daphne bholua and Rhododendron plants, with a slight touch of honey and fruit. Honeybee is one of our most popular favorites, and is perfect any time of day. Enjoy hot or iced.

I really love the mellow flavor of this Oolong tea.  It is very good iced, but I think that I prefer it more as a hot tea, because the flavors are just a bit more vibrant when it is hot.  It does not require any sweetener – the natural, honey-like flavor is all the sweetness it needs!  However, if you choose to serve it as an iced tea, I do recommend adding just a tiny lemon wedge to brighten the flavor.  It’s so refreshing and the lemon is a perfect pairing with the honey taste of this tea.

It is also a very restorative and soothing tea, especially during this time of year when my allergies take over.  So comforting – so delicious… this tea may be just what the doctor ordered!

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