Honeydew Melon White from Rishi Tea

Honeydew White Tea from Rishi

This is my new favorite White Tea!  I normally don’t care for most white teas, but this particular tea is better than most, with much more flavor than most white teas as well.   It’s hardly surprising that this new favorite white tea of mine comes from one of my favorite tea companies, Rishi Tea | Facebook.

This Organic Tea tastes a lot like Jasmine Pearls with a light and lovely Honeydew Melon flavor.  It even brews up darker than most white teas.  The fragrance is dominated by the jasmine, and has such a heady floral aroma that you think it will be much more floral than it is.  While it has some obvious floral notes to the flavor, the jasmine is balanced so well in the flavors by the high quality white tea base and the background taste of a true Honeydew Melon, that I wouldn’t call it an exclusively floral tea.

Rishi Tea describes this tea as:

White tea infused with sweet honeydew melon and fresh jasmine blossoms.

I would recommend this tea to everyone, but I especially recommend it to people new to white teas and people who normally do not like white teas.  You can really taste the honeydew, and it tastes exactly like a real, juicy slice of honeydew melon.  If you’ve never tasted honeydew melon before, it’s a very unique taste that is very sweet and light – arguably the most delicious flavor among melons.  And it blends so very well with this white tea and jasmine that it makes an absolutely ambrosial flavor for this tea.

The jasmine flavor is very high quality and delicious, and they include whole dried jasmine flowers blended in the tea which make this a very visually attractive tea as well.  A must-have spring and summer tea!

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This really was a fabulous tea. I fell in love with Rishi teas and this one was the initiator of my enthusiasm. Unfortunately they discontinued the honeydew melon white months ago and now they are cheapening some of their other teas as well. I was also a big fan of their peach white tea but they removed most if not all the flavor and removed the osmanthus flowers. Now it’s simply a peach fragranced white tea. Not what I wanted so I won’t be buying any more of it. It looks as though they are reducing jasmine in their teas too indicated by the new tea photos showing substantially fewer jasmine flowers. I have yet to try them to be sure. Rishi, you’re breaking my heart!! I stumbled across this blog in my search for another company selling quality flavored white teas. I never thought I’d have to do that!

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