Hot Cinnamon Spice from Harney & Sons

Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney & SonsJust a warning. If you buy this tea, keep the lid on and keep it well sealed because lifting just even one little corner of this tea sends a hugely overwhelming cinnamon scent out into the world. Not just cinnamon, but spicy cinnamon!

The smell almost reminded me of hot balls you can buy at the store for a nickel. I loved the scent, and I even used this tea as a potpourri once when we had a musty odor in the house and a friend was coming over. Be warned, it is strong.

Harney & Sons describes this tea as:

Our most popular flavored tea, this is a blend of Black Teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. It is remarkably assertive, and that is its most admired quality. This tea is also known as Hot Cinnamon Sunset.

This tea is also fun to look at. The rich darkness of the tea leaves is offset with large pieces of light brown bark, which I assume is the cinnamon. There is no tea flakes or powder in this one and the tea is so big you can reach in with your hand and just grab the amount of what you need to make a cup.

The taste of the tea is just as it smells, spicy cinnamon. There is a naturally sweet taste as well, which probably comes from the cloves. Harney & Sons says it is their most popular tea and I can really see why. It was delicious, and one that I keep returning to cup after cup.

I think what really attracts me is the unique taste. Not many teas taste like candy hot balls and it really puts a little spring in your step. It’s also great after dinner where the natural sweetness can satisfy a sweet tooth. Cinnamon is also quite beneficial to your health. On Wikipedia I found this fact about drinking cinnamon tea:

It is reported that regularly drinking of Cinnamomum zeylanicum tea made from the bark could be beneficial to oxidative stress related illness in humans, as the plant part contains significant antioxidant potential.


Jason Witt

This tea is probably really good for you especially as an everyday tea. I’ve heard it said by health food experts that one should have a little cinnamon every day. And having it as that “bark” instead of the ground-up stuff commonly found in spice aisles of supermarkets is probably capturing the whole food life force of the cinnamon.

Jamie Smith

I just started drinking tea not too long ago, and found a tin of this in my moms kitchen. Usually I drink irish breakfast tea with milk and honey for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now though, I have replaced lunch and dinner with this. It is sooo good, especially with honey, and a little bit of milk.It makes it a kind of sweet and spicy flavor. The honey and cinnamon go so well together.. i love it 🙂

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