House Blend from Tea For All Reasons

Tea For All Reason's House Blend

A mixture of Cream Earl Grey, Darjeeling Tea, and a “secret ingredient”, one can most prominently  taste the lovely bergamot from the Earl Grey, which has a gorgeous crisp citrus flavor.  This is a very mellow, solid cup of tea, a perfect afternoon tea that is not too bold, but also not a “light” tea.

Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy describes this tea as:

Our own Tea For All Reasons House Blend combines two flavors, Darjeeling and Cream Earl Grey with a secret ingredient to create a definite winner.

The Darjeeling is a nice, solid Black Tea to base this tea on, however I could not find what type of black tea they use for their Cream Earl Grey.   Overall it’s a very smooth, mellow tea with a crisp finish and fruity notes.  A really nice house blend for Tea For All Reasons.  And as for the “secret ingredient”….well I’m sure there is one, but this tea taster couldn’t quite discern it.  But that secret ingredient sure makes this tea special!! Or as they say in Kung Fu Panda:

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