Immortalitea from Red Leaf Tea

Immortalitea from Red Leaf TeaThe fragrance of this tea is intense!  The rose petals, rosemary, sage, and lemon essence, together with the fresh Green Tea create a sensational aroma that could just as easily be used as a room freshener as a tea.

And it tastes great too!  This green tea is light-bodied yet very bright tasting, with fresh, herbaceous notes.  The rose is a very dominate flavor here, and contrasts nicely with the lemon essence, both of these elements adding a definitive sweet tone to the herbs.  The sage and rosemary are not overwhelming on the palate, and offer hints of mint, as well as a deep, woodsy-earthy flavor.   The green tea is not extraordinarily grassy, but the light grassy undertones do compliment the earthy qualities from the sage and rosemary quite well.  It is a delightfully palatable, restorative cup.

Red Leaf Tea | Etsy Shop describes this tea as

Anyone who has enjoyed cooking knows that there are incredible flavors to be coaxed from the leaves of rosemary and sage. Herbal teas also benefit from these old savory seasonings! Rosemary, a herb with many beneficial antioxidants such as rosemarinic acid and camphor, goes very well with strong flavors like lemon, as does sage, another healthy herb with a strong tart flavor. We have created a blend that brings together the finest green tea with rosemary and sage to create a robust herbal brew, and we’ve sweetened this blend with lemon and rose petals. Enjoy this fine mixture of vital flavors, all designed to quickly bring invigorating, healthy nutrients to every system in your body.

To bring out the sweet floral notes from the rose petals even further, as well as bring some definition to the herbs and essence of lemon, try adding just a little sweetener.  I used a drizzle of locally harvested, raw honey (especially good for you if you’re prone to seasonal allergies), and it made a very good tea even better.

This tea offers obvious health benefits, and tastes great!  What more could one ask from their beverage?

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Ooo – Wow… this sounds like a great tea! I’d love to try this one! Sounds like it might be a refreshing iced too! Thanks for sharing this!

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