Imperial Formosa Oolong from Golden Moon Tea

Imperial Formosa Oolong from Golden Moon TeaLooking for an exquisite experience with an Oolong Tea?  This is it.  I was taken quite by surprise at the delicious depth of flavor and character this tea has.  I can honestly say this is one of the best Oolong teas I’ve sampled.

The dried leaves, as pictured to the left, are long whole curly leaves with lots of tips.  They are absolutely beautiful to look at with a fragrance that can only be described as sensuous. It has the fragrance of a high quality medium bodied Black Tea however it also has smoky nuances filled with muscatel highlights.

The flavor can be described in much the same way, however it has a “golden” quality about the overall taste that is unique to this blend, and gives a bare whisper of a lemon-like flavor to the brew.

Because the flavor is so multi-layered, even though this tea is by no means “delicate”, you do have to be very careful not to overbrew the leaves by steeping them too long or in too hot of water.  Doing so is to risk scorching the leaves and altering the flavor, usually bringing out a harsh sharpness to the palate.  Golden Moon Tea recommends steeping this tea for 5 minutes but does not give an ideal brewing temperature.  From my own experience with this tea, I think that steeping for 3 minutes at around 190°F is ideal, however you may experiment to suit your own tastes.

Golden Moon Tea describes this tea as:

Made for you with the fanciest silver-tipped leaves, our Imperial Formosa Oolong loose leaf tea is mesmerizing. Its sweet amber liquor, paired with a supple bouquet of orange blossoms and chestnuts, is complimented by gentle hints of dates and musky cedar and an extraordinary fragrance.

Of all the teas in your tea world you should try oolong tea for a variety of taste experience.

And, of all the oolong teas you should try Golden Moon Tea’s Imperial Formosa Oolong.

We guarantee a unique flavor experience!

The flavor of our Imperial Formosa Oolong leaf is exceptionally multifaceted. You will enjoy the notes of dates, chestnuts, orange blossoms and hints of cedar offer taste quality rarely found in other teas.

This unique combination of flavors provides a constantly rewarding taste experience to you, the discriminating tea drinker.

The Golden Moon Tea leaf is the largest and fanciest Formosa Oolong comprised of well oxidized brown leaves and silver tips of exceptional quality that support multiple infusions without loss of flavor.

How is our Imperial Formosa Oolong better than other Formosa Oolong teas?

The Golden Moon Tea leaf is large and exquisitely crafted. The leaf is unbroken with abundant silver tips resulting in Award-winning flavor that is outstanding and remarkably durable through many infusions.

Imperial Formosa Oolong Offers Value to our Customers.

Because we use only the highest quality ingredients in our Imperial Formosa Oolong, the taste and value is unsurpassed. You will enjoy the taste quality at a low cost per cup.

Since this is a more darkly oxidized Oolong tea, it resembles some of the smokier Yunnan and Assam black teas, so if you like a rich smoky character in a tea, you will definitely love this Imperial Formosa.  You can get several infusions out of the leaves, and each steeping brings a unique twist to the flavor, and a more sparkling quality about the resulting brew.  It is indeed a mesmerizing tea.

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