Indigo Dreams from Mad Pots of Tea

Indigo Dreams from Mad Pots of TeaI ordered this sample months ago – but, didn’t try it until this very night.  I don’t know why I waited so long, and now that I’m trying it, I wish I hadn’t waited!  I LOVE THIS TEA!

It is absolutely delightful.  The aroma is perfect, with lovely notes of jasmine, violet and lavender.  With so many flowers, you might think that this would come off smelling a bit like your Auntie’s perfume, but it doesn’t.  It is a very floral fragrance, but it is not an overbearing assault on the nose.  It’s really quite delightful.

The flavor is absolutely sublime!  The Green Tea is a very soft flavor.  Light-bodied and unassuming, it has a delicate yet fresh flavor and very little vegetative quality to it.  That is to say that unless you’re sipping this to specifically TASTE a vegetative/grassy tone, you probably wouldn’t even notice it.  It’s that delicate.

The jasmine and lavender are the real focus of this tea – and they play their parts very well.  Neither is too strong; both are fantastically harmonious with one another.  They seem to bring out the very best in each other.  Pleasantly sweet.  Obviously floral in taste, but, not in a perfume-y type way.  This may very well be the best floral tea I’ve yet to taste.

Mad Pots of Tea describes this blend as

Simple.  Elegant.  Beautiful.  This floral tea blossoms on the palate and softly relaxes the body and mind.  Because of its perfumed aroma and soft, sensual taste, jasmine is known to be one of the most romantic teas ever.  Fall in love, if only in your deep purple dreams…


Jasmine Green Tea, Lavender, Jasmine Petals, and Violets

Inspired by:

Indigo, Dusk, Jasmine, Aromatic, Soothing, Sense of Peace

This tea is delightfully soothing when served hot, even in the evening.  It seems to instill an overall sense of calm even in the presence of the caffeine from the green tea.  This would also make a very lovely iced tea – it make a charming tea to serve at a garden party!

I have tried a couple of teas from Mad Pots of Tea – including a personalized blend called Anne’s Creative Cup!  And with the exception of that personalized blend, I think that this one would be my favorite that I’ve tried from Madam Potts!  It is absolutely exquisite!

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