Instant Black Chai from Tipu’s Chai

Instant Black Chai from Tipu's ChaiOh my gosh!  When I tasted Tipu’s Slow Brew Chai, I thought {en:chai} tea just couldn’t get much better, but I think this one does it.  And I want to stress that the three reasons this chai is just freaking awesome are that 1) hey it’s instant!  2) it has the perfect “chai” flavor and 3) you can make this as strong or as weak as you’d like your chai to be!  Let me describe these attributes in a bit more depth:

First, who knew that a chai this good came from a powder?!  I guess as a long-time reviewer of teas, and along with other tea enthusiasts, we automatically deem any type of “instant” tea as “not good”.  Tipu’s Instant Black Chai breaks every rule in the book about “instant” teas.  Many instant teas are of crappy quality…why? Because it’s really easy to hide the quality of tea leaves if they are nothing but a powder.  However in this chai blend, Tipu’s Chai uses the finest quality bold Indian Assam tea leaves, which don’t hide in a powder, but ENHANCE a powder.

The Assam tea in this blend is of noticable quality, and is finely blended with the spices that make up this Chai Tea.  I’m not sure if they use the same spices in their instant chai tea as they do their slow brewed chai, however the spices that make up this tea form the perfect “chai flavor”, which brings me to point number 2.

A long, long, longggg time ago, before I became very interested in tea, and before I’d had more than say 3 or 4 chai teas, I got to sample a homemade chai tea blend from an individual making it on the internet.  I can’t even remember her name or business name anymore – she’s no longer in business, but it had “Pixie” in the title!  At any rate, I do not know what ambrosial teas and spices she put in her “Harvest Spice Chai” but it was the most savory, incredible chai tea I had tasted until this very day.  Somehow, Tipu’s Instant Black Chai has created a chai that is very similar to that chai flavor that I tasted so long ago, but better and stronger.  So by this, I’m telling you from experience, this is one of the BEST chai teas you will ever taste.

Tipu’s Chai describes this tea as:

Instant karma – just add water, sweetener and milk or soymilk. Great for chai lovers on the move! No additives or preservatives.

At Tipu’s Chai we blend our own mix of spices and Organic Indian tea to create a bold, comforting balance of spiciness and depth.  Passed from my grandmother to my mother and then to me, this recipe has traveled a long way from Gujarat in India to Africa, England, Montana and now to your very own cup.  Enjoy in health. ~ Bipin Patel, President

Finally, what I think is an exceptional selling point to this instant chai tea, is that you can easily and conveniently make it just as strong as you desire.  They recommend 1 tsp per 8 ounces of milk or soy milk, however I like my chai a little spicier so I added one and a half teaspoons and it was incredible.  And SO convenient to take with you to work or on the go.  Add milk and sweetener for a perfect chai experience!

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Dear Tea Guru,
Hi, my name is Travis and I do some of the promotions for Tipu’s Chai. To answer your question, yes, we do use the same spices in our instant chai tea as we do in our slow brewed chai. The reason for this is the very same one that you mentioned. When you discover the perfect chai flavor, why change it?
Thanks for your wonderful review. We also make a concentrate you might like to try…

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