Instant Unsweetened Cardamom Chai from Nature’s Guru

[instant cardamom chai from Nature's Guru]I know, I know, you’re asking yourself what the heck? Instant tea, on a serious tea site??? Well, folks, even for serious tea drinkers, there is a place for instant tea – in a hotel room, for example, or at an office where the only hot water is from the water cooler tap. So when you are stuck in one of those places, you want to know that some instant teas are better than others – and there are differences!

This is an instant tea I’m particularly happy with when I need such a thing – I made myself some for breakfast in my hotel room last week. This instant tea includes powdered tea, powdered spice, and powdered milk – no sugar, as the name says. Milk is traditional in chai, so having it already in the mix here is quite convenient, and one of the things I really liked was how fresh-tasting the milk was, once I made a cup. Sometimes powdered milk can taste stale or even rancid, but this was quite good.

The cardamom was nicely spicy. Cardamom is one of my favorite spices of all. One of the things you should note is that it is the ONLY spice in this chai. No cinnamon, ginger, or pepper – just a good dose of cardamom. The spice is also quite fresh-tasting. The sealed foil packets each serving is in do quite a good job of preserving the flavor. The powder is not only fresh, it is also nicely quick to dissolve, needing only a little stirring, and it doesn’t start settling back into sludge at the bottom of the cup too quickly, either. When you mix this tea up, it doesn’t taste like fresh-brewed  leaf tea, but it does taste like a good, rich hot beverage, with notes of Black Tea, and I like it.

You can add your own sugar, or honey, or other sweetener, to the hot tea, of course, but I like mine unsweet, and I was glad I had the option of having an unsweetened version. This tea also comes in a sweetened version, and they also have a more traditionally spiced masala chai.

Nature’s Guru describes this tea as:

Are you tired of the same boring teas? Looking to add that extra special zing to help you kick start your day? If so, Nature’s Guru Instant Cardamom Chai is your answer! With its rich aroma and full bodied sweet taste, Nature’s Guru’s specially formulated Instant Cardamom Chai provides a memorable taste experience which tantalizes the taste buds and invigorates the soul.

Nature’s Guru prides itself in working with the best farmers, picking only the ripest cardamom seeds from the most premium cardamom plants in India. Nature’s Guru Instant Cardamom Chai bolsters your immune system and supercharges your metabolism, keeping you alert and ready for the day’s challenges. Chock full of antioxidants and low in sugar., Nature’s Guru Instant Cardamom Chai is not just amazing to taste, but healthy to drink as well.

We are also proud to say we only grow our plants in self-sustainable farms. These herbs and spices are hand-selected from chemical-free cultivations and have been dehydrated in “gentle-crisp” chambers to retain their maximum aroma.

Note that the claims for health benefits are not verified or proven – I’m just telling you what they say, but you should always evaluate such statements for yourself in light of what has and hasn’t been proven by science and medicine.

I have to say that Nature’s Guru’s web site is rather annoying – it’s all Flash, so there’s wait time for it to load, and it’s sometimes hard to read. You can’t purchase the tea directly from Nature’s Guru, but they do have a list of stores where it’s available, as well as a big link to, which is where I bought the tea, and apparently that’s their biggest outlet. The link in this review is to, therefore. says this about this tea:

  • Zero Sugar, Fat Free, Low in Calories. 100% Natural Ingredients, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors. Instant and Convenient stick pack sachets (Just add Hot Water).
  • Ingredients – Milk Powder, Black Tea Extract, Natural Cardamom Powder.
  • Simply empty one sachet powder contents into a cup of 6-8 fl. oz (240ml) of hot water. Then add your favorite sweetener. Stir and enjoy!

All in all, I would say that if you have need of a powdered tea beverage, this one is vastly superior to the instant teas sold in supermarkets (especially those big cans of powdered tea, we won’t name names here!) and if you like chai with milk, you will find this tasty enough in its own right.



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