Irish Breakfast Classic from Compass Teas

Irish Breakfast Classic from Compass TeasWhen I think of an Irish Breakfast blend, a full-bodied and rich flavored tea immediately comes to mind.  And this Irish Breakfast from Compass Teas exemplifies that description.

This tea is bold and brisk and very hearty!  It has a chewiness to it that is perfect for those mornings when you just don’t want to get up and get going … but you have to!  This tea will rescue you from those morning doldrums!

When served straight, the tea is strong and edgy but not too harsh.  It has a hint of underlying sweetness to it but mostly what I taste is strong, Black Tea with a delicious malty note and an intriguing set of spice notes that hit the palate at about mid sip.

When a drizzle of agave nectar is added, some of the edge is softened just a bit but not so much that it becomes muted.  When a splash of milk or cream is added, it remains bold but offers a delicious creaminess with a hint of caramel at the finish.

Compass Teas describes this blend as

This classic robust Irish Breakfast Blend is perfect sweetened with Sugar Gems.  Great for waking you up in the morning after a late night at the pub!

Compass Teas does not go in to detail about the types of tea in this “classic” Irish Breakfast.  I can tell you that there is definitely some Assam in there because I can taste it.  Whether or not it is a blend of just Assam teas or if there is another type of tea in there, I can’t be sure.  What I do know is that this is one delightful cuppa!  A truly delicious way to start the day!

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