Island Blend from Design A Tea

Island Blend

Island Blend

More flavor was packed into this tea than I could have expected.

Design A Tea describes this tea as:

A Green Tea blend called {en:SENCHA} FINE from Japan with all natural Vanilla & Mango flavoring. Think of swinging ever so gently on a canvas hammock, one leg draped off the side. A warm breeze blowing across the lagoon of an exotic island with the smell of mango in the air, as you sip away your worries…

You see how they called it ‘SENCHA FINE’?  Well they meant it.   This tea is ground up very fine and includes flavoring in the form of a powder.  I used a tea ball when I should have used a tea bag bag because of how fine this tea is.   The color, brilliant light green, was beautiful and it had some froth at the top.   When I took a sip I was blown away by the almost (but not quite) overwhelming vanilla mango flavor.  It covered up the green tea taste for sure.

MMm…  If only it came with that hammock they speak of…

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Wow, mango and vanilla together? I would not have thought of that combination. It does sound very exotic. I may have to give it a try! Thanks for the info.

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